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Kindertraining für Kinder ab 6 Jahren, jeden Mittwoch mit Graduado Espantalho ( Ricardo Oliveira). Probetraining mit vorheriger Anmeldung möglich:+49(0)15225775174 Come and join the fun! Kindertraining for kids aged 6 and

Melde Dich hier an und sichere Dir Deinen Platz / Clique aqui e garanta já a sua vaga!/ Register here and secure your place: Yours, Capoeira Raiz Mestre Bailarino

Let's Play Berlin 2024

Let’s Play is an event, where we want to play as much Capoeira as possible with as many different people as possible. This year we will have only a few

Dear ICR friends, Time to register! Please use the link below: We really look forward to having you with us. Join and bring your valuable Axé! Many thanks. P.

Let’s play – Capoeira Raiz Berlin Convidadxs: Estagario 2 Banana – Unicar Estagario 2 Bacana – Unicar Mestre Gege – Nossa Filosofia Contramestre Puxinho – Capoeira Raiz Contramestre Ganso –

EVENT DETAILS: Join our Capoeira Master classes today and learn from our expert instructors! Our classes cater to beginners and intermediate students of all ages. Don’t miss out on the

EVENT DETAILS: Embark on your exciting and rewarding Capoeira journey with our beginner and intermediate  Master classes, tailored to suit all age groups. Whether you are just starting out or

Klickt auf den untenstehenden link um dabei zu sein, wir freuen uns auf euch! Please on click the link below to register & to get the details! Registration & Information

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