Capoeira Raiz

Master Bailarino

was born in São Gonçalo Rio de Janeiro on 25 June 1969

MASTER BAILARINO (MESTRE BAILARINO) was born in São Gonçalo Rio de Janeiro on 25 June 1969. He began his Capoeira training with his cousin Jorge Azevedo Pinheiro. In 1980 he entered the Small Association of Capoeira Masters with Master Travassos. 12 years later in 1992 he became a Master at the age of 23. In 1993 Master Bailarino joined the group Capoeira Muzenza, recommended by Master Alexandre Batata.

On June 7, 1999 he arrived in Portugal, bringing with him all of his experience in Brazil. He immediately got a job as a Capoeira teacher in Setúbal. This teaching position extended to other cities such as, Lisbon, Almada, Quinta do Conde, Seixal, Parede, Viana do Alentejo, Evora and the Algarve.

In 2005 Master Bailarino left Portugal and visited England, Spain and finally Germany – Berlin, where he now lives and has his Capoeira base until today.

In 2007 Master Bailarino founded his own Group, International Capoeira Raiz (ICR), with the  vision to honor the roots of Capoeira and its origins.


Master Bailarino offers various Capoeira classes and directs the group International Capoeira Raiz in Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Portugal and Germany.

Seit 2007 lebt und unterrichtet er Capoeira in Berlin.

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